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Free Back to School Party Printables: Invitations & Decorations

 While kids love vacation, going back to school is also very exciting.

To make the slow transition from a free time to school and to get back in touch with friends it is a great idea to organize a back to school party. It is much easier to fall back into the routine with the help of a party.

a. Back to School Party Games

 To set the mood for school, get a chalkboard and some chalk. The kids can then use this to play pictionary for example, or other games. It is school inspired but also lots of fun, which is very suitable for such a party.

Organize a scavenger Hunt for school supplies. You can buy some pencils, pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners and so on, and hide them around the house. You can make teams and draw a map or hide clues.

Show and tell fits for this party perfectly. Ask each kid in the invitations to show and tell something about their vacation experiences.

Play Trivia with the kids. Come up with easy yet interesting questions that require some thinking, which are related to the subjects that they have studied already. There can be questions connected to math, history, biology, etc.
Print our coloring pages and have fun!

b. Back to School Party Decorations

Get printable decorations for the table. You should get tableware and balloons as well. The decorations for this party can be school inspired.

If the school has a mascot or a logo, make sure you use that for the decorations. For example you can make stickers and flags using the mascot, and decorate the room nicely.

 Here is our hand painted, party set prepared for you:

c. Party invitations

Invitations for this party should also be school related. Anything featuring books, the globe, numbers equations or flash card like invitations are perfect.

School bus shaped invitations are cute. Send these to the kids in special envelopes.

Another great invitation idea for this party is a hand drawn image featuring school related things, such as pencils, copybooks, books and so on. If you can find one that looks like it has been drawn by a child, you hit the jackpot.

Free Printable Back to School Party Invitation Template

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Back to  School Square Party Garland

Back to School Party Flyer Template

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