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Baby Shower Invitations for Boys and Girls

A baby shower party is one of the nicest ways to congratulate and to prepare the new mom for the new baby.

In some countries it has become very popular, and it is a time when friends give gifts to the mother to be.

Typical gifts include diapers, blankets for the baby, teddy bears, baby clothes, baby bottles and more.

Basically any item that can be used after the birth of the baby fits as a gift. In some countries only women attend baby showers.

Some people go ever further when they throw a baby shower party, and they choose different themes, such as baby shower brunch, baby shower tea party etc.

Free Printable Baby Shower Invitations

Baby shower invitations are usually adorable, so no matter what you choose, it will be a good decision. Often they have soft colors, and they have images of babies, teddy bears, baby animals and other cute things. You can get something matching with the rest of the decoration.

Baby Shower Party Invitation card

Baby Shower Party Greeting Card Template

Baby Shower Party Square Garland

Baby Shower Party Flyer Invitation

Baby Shower Party Favor Label Sticker Template

Baby Shower Party Gift Tag

Baby Shower Party Place Card

Baby Shower Return Address

Baby Shower Party RSVP Card Template

Baby Shower Party Thank You Card

Baby Shower Party Coloring Page Invitation Card

Baby Shower Games

There aren’t many games played at a baby shower: it’s mostly talking about various experiences with babies, about being pregnant, and discussing issues of motherhood. This can be a great experience especially if the young mother is having her first baby. During a baby shower it is also important to exchange such ideas and to support each other. It is also a time when you just chat with your friends and have fun.

There are special card decks for baby showers that you can buy. When you look for the supplies also look for some specific games and board games for sale, such as baby shower bingo games.


Baby Shower Party Supplies and Decorations

Before the people show up to celebrate you and your baby, make the room fit for a party: you can first choose between the colors that you would like. If the baby will be a boy you can decorate everything with white and baby blue, and if the baby will be a girl, it can all be in soft pink combined with white. You can get balloons, paper lanterns, and baby shower decorating kits. These kits come with all kinds of little things that you can hang and use as table decoration, such as centerpieces.

You will also have to get a banner, such as It’s a boy! Or It’s a girl! There are also personalized banners that you can get.

Make the table and the whole setting more fun by getting matching cups, plates and napkins for the table. For example if it’s a girl, you can get poka dot pink napkins and other such baby shower tableware.

Don’t forget to buy some favors. Favors are the best ways to thank your friends that they have remembered you and that they have thrown a wonderful baby shower party. For favors you can get baby bottle candles and other candles in various shapes, photo frames, rubber ducks and so on.


Baby Shower Food

Finger food is the best choice for this party. Make some salad as well. Don’t forget about the baby shower candy buffet either. For this you can get candy pops, swirls pops, almonds covered in candy, gumballs, buttermints, chocolate candy, bubble gum cigars, candy sticks, suckers and chocolate.

African American Baby Shower Invitation Template