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Atom Park Review and Free Templates for Email Marketing

 This software development company has been one of the leaders in email marketing since 2001.

They are known for their easy to use and reliable software that you can use for marketing.

They have various programs that will boost your clients and make managing your business easier.

The software found on Atom Park not only lets you edit email templates, but it also functions as a marketing tool.

You can even track the emails you have sent out with the help of this program. Besides all this they also have email templates that you can use.

Template Main Features:

Atom Park products are of many kinds: Bulk Mailers, Email Extractors, List Managers, Databases,  Online Mailers, Online Mobile and SMS and Online List Management tools. The Bulk Mailer supports email merging capability, lets you create emails and even track the results. It is great for mass mailing.

You can use the Email Extractor to find email addresses on the internet from social networks and other websites, using keywords. If you want to expand your contact list, this is a suitable tool. With the list managers you can verify email addresses, remove subscribers and add new ones. The Online Mobile and SMS tool will help you with your plans of online mobile mails. You can send with it SMS messages over the internet to your clients or prospective clients.

All these features are very useful and often indispensable for companies and businesses. Here you can also find a web based platform for sending text messages.

Using Templates at Atom Park:

Templates are not the main focus point on Atom Park, since they are pros in making software, but you can download some of their programs where you can create emails easily. Their Email Template Development can be purchased one time and then used to create newsletters that stand out. You can either download existing templates, or you can ask the designer of the company to create a professional email template for you using the logos, colors and images of your company.

The templates that you can find here are compatible will all browsers, and they will display correctly, just the way they should. The email template development service will create a template for you in just  a few days. You will need to provide information such as your requirements, logos, graphics, text and some other info. You will be able to communicate with the designer yourself, just to make sure that everything will go the way you wish it to.

There are two bulk sender programs which can be used to make your own professional looking email. They are the Atomic Email Studio and the Atomic Mail Sender. The Atomic Email Studio is an email marketing tool, where you can build lists, create your emails, send them, and even manage your lists of contacts. You can use it to create and send unlimited emails, and even to create personalized emails.

How to get started:

          There are several options that you have when it comes to Atom Park. If you are a business and you want to boost your list of clients, you can start by getting a unique email template designed for you. For this you can use the Email Template Development services, where you will be put into contact with a designer. Once you have the professional email template, you can start using all the other services.

 If you plan to make an email marketing campaign, you have several programs to choose from in order to find more clients. Atom Park offers several email extractor programs that will find the right prospective clients for you by gathering email addresses according to what you are looking for. The Atomic Email Logger, Atomic Newsgroup Explorer, the Atomic Web Spider, Atomic Lead Extractor and the Atomic Email Hunter are just a few examples. With these you can get hundreds of contacts in just minutes.

Once you have selected one of the email extractors and got yourself a nice list of contacts, you can use the contact list managers. There are also several programs to choose from. There’s the Atomic Mail Verifier, the Atomic Subscription Manager and the Atomic List Manager. With these you can validate the existence of the email addresses, update the list, create, edit and merge lists. This tool is indispensable if you have a lot of contacts.

 The bulk sender programs will do the entire job for you. Using the customized and personalize email template, you can use one of the programs that will send out your email to your contacts. You can do all this in just one click.

Atom Park Template Prices:

          The email template development services will cost you $ 129.85. This fee might be higher than most templates you can find online, but it is a special service since a skillful designer will make your custom email template according to your wishes. Later you can use this template for all the newsletters that you want.

Email address extractors cost approximately $70. Check each for more information to see which one you need. Other programs such as the automatic email senders cost between $80 and $300. However, since there are so many programs to choose from, it is worth to take a look at the website for details.

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