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Arabic weddings have changed quite a lot lately: they are not as traditional as they used to be and they don't necessarily follow the same ritualistic events

Modern Arabic weddings contain some of the older values, and they are beautiful, yet less rural and more urban like. For example while arranged marriages were quite popular before, they are not anymore. You can still find the colorfulness and the energy of the Arabic world in many Arabic weddings today.



According to the old tradition an Arabic wedding started with the meeting between the families of the couple. The wedding was announced by zaffa, which is a beautiful procession that announces the wedding to the whole village or town. The way the zaffa was organized depends on the region.

The traditions says that the bride and groom have to sit on special chairs during the ceremony in front of the guests, which symbolically makes them the king and the queen. The guests then drink to the health of the young couple and they celebrate them.

Today some of the Arabic traditions are similar to the Christian one, during which the couple exchange rings and have their first dance. However, one difference is that during the dance a belly dancer also entertains the guest.

The Arabic wedding has a large feast with lots of meat, fruits and vegetables. There are also many traditional Arabic dishes.


Arabic weddings today


To create an Arabic atmosphere, you have to focus on the decorations. A lot of people buy a lot of jewel toned decorations such as in colors of ruby, emerald, all vivid and deep colors that make the place come alive. Create a rich romantic feel by using satin and silk fabrics around the venue for the real Arabic effect. If you can get your hands on Arabic carpets, they will create the ultimate festive feeling.

For the tables use ruby colored silk or satin tablecloths and a golden colored lamp. Lots of candles also fit to this type of wedding. Make sure that there are a lot of tiny lights that illuminate the reception hall.

One of the most important parts of an Arabic wedding is of course the music. You can find real Arabic music and play that for the guests. If you can hire belly dancers, it will make the wedding more authentic.

Instead of a white dress you can choose the more traditional Jalabiya or an Arabian queen costume for the bride and a kaftan or sultan's outfit for the groom. You can also ask the guests to make their wedding attires look more oriental. This can contribute to a beautiful unforgettable event.


Make an order for traditional oriental food to surprise all the guest.

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