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Unique African American Invitation Design 

Many African-American couples are choosing to honor their heritage by incorporating it in their weddings, beginning with the invitations.

They search for a unique African American wedding invitation design that they can use.

If you are in this situation check out our designs.

You can download free of charge, everything you need to create your own one of a kind invitations, design templates and wording.

You can also adapt these to suit your needs or use them as is. Try decorating your invitations with borders done in an African print.

One invitation that I thought was really special had a drawing of a couple “jumping the broom” and it read like this:

Shawntee Ann Harris
Daniel Paul Whitman
invite you to join them
as they are married
on day – date – time
at Victory Baptist Church
our “jumping the broom” ceremony
will take place
at the XYZ Hotel
reception at 7:00pm

Modern Invitation etiquette gives you free reign as long as what you say is not vulgar or offensive. So have fun and be creative. Many African American couples are choosing to use pictures of a bride and groom wearing traditional African wedding garb and head wraps. In fact some are choosing these outfits instead of mainstream tuxedos and bridal dresses to wear at their wedding.

 African American invitation designs can be very formal or informal, casual or humorous, it is totally up to you. Just remember that your invitation presents the tone and theme of your wedding. It is the first hint your guests will have of what to expect. So be sure that your invitations say what you want them to. When you make your own invitations using a unique African American wedding invitation design, you have the opportunity to express what you as a couple mean to teach each other.

You are getting married and want to honor your African American heritage in every way at your wedding. However you don’t want to spend money on invites that look like all the other Afro cards you’ve seen. 

Now you have to purchase your blank wedding stationary. Do you want a greeting card type invite or a postcard type with the design image on the front and verse on the back? Buy the best quality cardstock that you can afford since this will effect the look of your invitation.