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African American Christian Cards

African Americans are considered one of the most religious racial groups when it comes to attending services, believing in God and praying compared to the rest of the U.S. population.

 A great number of them say that religion is very important in their lives thus they practice a number of religions but it may be said that Christianity is the prevalent religion among black people.

During slavery, many slaves were stripped of their religion and forced to become Christians.

Their religious institutions are known as black church where they managed to save their dance, rhythms, and their specific singing.

During the history, African American church developed several denominations which black people most commonly belong to. These are The African Methodist Episcopal Church, The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, The National Baptist Convention, The National Baptist Convention of America, The Progressive National Baptist Convention, and The Church of God in Christ.

As very religious people, most African Americans celebrate just what any other Christian would celebrate. Of course, it mostly depends on what domination black people belong to. However, the main ones that all Christians celebrate, thus African Americans also, are Christmas and Easter.

Considering their heritage and root, it may be expected that they may put their own historical and cultural derived spin on them. This means that celebration of Christmas or Easter will include more masquerading and musical performances than it is commonly for white people.

Beside the Christmas and Easter as the most important religious Christian holiday, African American celebrate some other holidays such as All Saints Day, Advent, Christmastide, lent, Pentecost depending on the denominations they are in. Also they have some of their own holidays such as Kwanzaa which is celebrated from 26th December through 1st January and is intended to complement Christmas.

Apart from religious holidays African Americans also celebrate very important events which strongly mark their lives and which they will remember as long as they live. Such events include weddings, proposals, baby showers, birthdays, christening, baptism, and other. All these significant occasions include religious elements and certain rituals in their celebrations and black people according to the denominations they belong to carry out these rituals and traditions in order to save their heritage.

Such festive related to the religion, black people celebrate in a bit different ways because it is known that they are very religious people and that they care about holidays and important events very much. Thus they make this celebrations much fun and joyful by sending cards and invitations which remind them of what they are and what their roots are.

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