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90th Birthday Greeting Card & Wording

My Dear Grandpa, even though I am a grown-up man (woman) now, I still love being your little grandson (granddaughter). The most beautiful memories from my early life come from your home. You always knew what I needed and provided for me with ease and grace.

I will never hear enough of your war stories and life lessons. I always wanted to go golfing and fishing with you. Just being with you still brings me peace and a sense of serenity to my often-stressed mind and body.

On your birthday, I wish for you to live at least 100 years so that my kids may enjoy a great grandpa like you.

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(If you wish to propose a birthday toast for your grandfather, think of one very special moment that you shared, or tell him what that you like about him the most.)


I always wondered how you managed to teach me right from wrong and still spoil me rotten! What was your secret? Was it endless love and patience coming together? You never raised your voice, and you rarely said no! You fixed my toys and watched my favorite cartoons with me all the time. It must have been so boring for you!

Remember when we went fishing together and you caught that humongous fish? It was 6 feet long! My eyes popped out as I helped you get it out of the water. Later, I went screaming and jumping along the lake, telling everybody this great news. Only a few hours later, I learned that it was in fact an inflatable fish that you had bought at the mall. I will never forget my disappointment while you laughed your guts out. I didn’t think it was so funny back then!

Thank you so much, Grandpa, for every single moment that we spent together. Being around you has always been a holiday. My childhood and my entire life would have been so much poorer if it were not for you – the best grandfather in the world.


Happy (50Th 60Th, 70Th, 80Th, 90Th or 100Th) Birthday Grandpa!

 Your loving Grandkids (granddaughter or grandson)