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70th Birthday Party Invitation and Party Ideas

Black and White Theme

Besides providing a free printable 70th Birthday Party Invitation, I’m going to tell you a real special black and white theme party idea from the days when we were "together". All party supplies and accessories were purchased in absolute consistency with the black and white theme.

We had a "garland" on the front gate prepared with white rope and brown ribbons, fastened with a black/white bandana along with silver chrome chain.

We enjoyed playing all the classic music we could hit upon, cheering black or white outfits to be worn, if the guests had them, absolutely fantastic with any classy hats, shoes, belts, ornaments, shirts or other supplies anyone had.

As is common in all such parties, we too had hung white small bulbs from the trees, deck umbrellas, placing black streamers on the main dinner table.

70th Birthday Party Invitation

First of all, we handed guests upon entrance, their own special name ticket and tagged stuff in a black/white beautiful bandana enfolded bag with a whistle, notebook, black/white pens for quizzes, licorice along with white mint chocolate clear tins with a Scavenger Hunt list in addition to the number to draw on for their "partner" in the scrabble in the neighborhood, with a 25 min. time frame, in spite of the condition that they also had to be dressed in their "disguises" (that assists with the often gracelessness).

Black and White parties are incomplete without tasty meals. We had purchased food supplies and cooked all the servings with our own two hands.

Baked beef on Big Grand’s cookies

Barbecued catfish pieces

Black olive pickles

Green onions

Mayo potato salad

Hot black beans with mini brew onions. After the dinner, we also enjoyed playing Black/White Bingo, with black/white ping-pong ball to shout out figures on handcrafted fancy cards. Our party was a never ending fun for all the guests still appreciate the arrangements and celebrations they had on the party night.

F. Morina, NJ

70th Birthday Party Invitation