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Black and White 70th Birthday Card & Wording

Black and white birthday invitations may be elegant, funny or even funcky! Your biggest problem if you have ever tried to organize a black and white party theme is that it is rather difficult sometimes to think of only black and white decorations.

However, this can be a very cheap and easy to organize party that really is a lot of fun if you are careful about planning and look at the party as a fun event, rather than as a complete nightmare.

Remember, as long as your decorations are black and white you are safe and have free range. This can mean you can use newspaper, and even silk flowers. Looking for an extra touch, there are also candles that you can buy in white and black to really help give your black and white theme party ideas some extra pizzazz.

You also have plenty of options to choose from in the way of napkins, plates, and utensils. If you are on a budget trying to plan your party then paper plates and napkins are a perfect solution and very cost affordable. Best news is they do come in your required colors to still match the theme.

Download Free Printable 70th Birthday Party Greeting Card for Woman!

As you can imagine putting together a great black and white party theme is something that just takes a bit of creative flair and a few dollars to throw together an amazing party that everyone can enjoy from the moment they arrive. Remember, you do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy your party; you just have to have fun planning and attending the party. Just a short period of time and a bag full of cheap supplies and you are well on your way to a great memorable party.

Download Free Printable 70th Birthday Party Greeting Card for Man!