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60th Birthday Party Invitation and Party Ideas

Birthday invitations to print right at home

My dad turned 60 the other day and all of us threw a great birthday party for him.

My brothers, sisters and mom had been planning this for a long time. We wanted it to be a very special occasion for dad and so decided to make it very grand.

We knew that we had to assign responsibilities to each one so that we could plan well for the event.

Some were assigned the duty of getting in touch with the catering service and arranging for the food for the evening.

Some were assigned the duty of decorating the venue for the event. I was in charge of creating the invitation cards for the birthday.

Since I always do things online, I started looking for good website where I could find birthday invitations to print.

That is when I came across this site. The site had a number of features that immediately appealed to me. First of all, I could use my own pictures to create the invitation card. This was very important for a very peculiar reason. Dad was known by many names to many people. Some people never knew his real name and only knew him by some of the nicknames that he was called by. So it was important for me to be able to have his photograph on the invitation card so that people would know whose birthday they are being invited for.

60th Birthday Party Invitation

Dad was also a Shakespeare fan and always used a lot of his wordings in his greetings to other people. So I decided to use Shakespeare’s words in the invitation card. Here again, the site let me add my own wording which was exactly what I wanted. So I used my dad’s photo and the exact wordings I wanted to create the birthday invitations to print for this special occasion.


Thoughtful son, Tim Smith, CA

60th Birthday Party Invitation

Very true is the saying that “Old is Gold” and as we all grow old so becomes precious every moment. Again, the 60th birthday marks a culmination of a complete set responsibilities and retiring into a world of leisure in a new horizon and the celebration for it becomes extremely important too!

Thus the 60th birthday party theme has to be very special and must have components of fun, nostalgia and a lot of love for and from everyone who attends the party.

Just as we were planning the 60th birthday party for my grandfather we indeed made a lot of effort in this field and gathered a lot experience too. I will now go ahead and relate some of them to you as well so that you can appreciate the efforts and can pan similar themes for your loved ones as well in future.

We visited some great web sites like,,,, and The invitation was a real twister and we carved out a great punch line for it that made our guests feel that although it is a party for his 60th birthday, but everything just rocks! For the decorations we did extensive usage of roses and other vibrant colored flowers and made it a point that the decorations look really beautiful, sober and fantastic.

Nostalgia was added as we placed some great photographs of his lifetime at different location to give the look a superb and grand elegance and what more, the birthday boy just loved it to the fullest! It was truly a trip down memory lane and we all had very fond memories of the evening forever. Supplies for the food and beverages were also an important factor and for such parties, apart from the theme, this is what makes an important decision. We ensured low salt and low fat food and sugar-free drinks to accommodate the health consciousness for the guests and everyone present at the party.

Soft music flowed in the air and at the end we had organized for a huge scrapbook placed at the exit of the venue where everyone left their wishes and comments for the birthday boy along with their signature. 60th birthday party theme ideas can be truly nostalgic and memorable, just take care to every detail that needs your attention and it is bound to be a success and linger in your memories forever.

John Corcoran,

Parsippany, New Jersey



When a person is twenty years of age he doesn’t bother about anybody, at thirty he gets concerned about people and then at sixty he realizes that everybody he associated with is walking with him. That is perhaps the true gist of life from 20-60. But sixty means precious years of experience a treasure you should celebrate and share with your family and friends. Take your 60th year as the year of freedom from all bounds and schedules and celebrate it with enjoyment, elation and excitement.

It would be dazzling if children organize party for their grandparent expressing their gratitude or you can plan a great party with college friends, colleagues and family. You can also sort it out as a theme party of your era where you dress up in the same manner as you used to in your college days. It will be a colorful event with trendy accessories. You can arrange tableware, balloons, and posters with similar 60th birthday theme. Few old souvenirs and pictures to remind your friends of old days you spent together.

You can also fix up a theme and get the party more rocking.  It would be real fun to gather your friends and observe them changed at this age few with glasses and fake teeth. Don’t forget to include a few soft dishes in the menu. The spirit of the party will be alive. Arranging all this by your self is quite difficult. But you can get it done with more ease and fashion by ordering all the required supplies from online stores. They cater well to all age groups and theme parties.