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Carnivale Theme 60th Birhday Greeting Card & Wording

Carnival Party Theme Ideas

Carnival party theme ideas are truly exciting right from the very initiation. Right from the name it can be derived that these parties would be truly fantastic in their arrangements as well as ensure great fun for parents who organize them as well as the kids for whom the parties are planned.

Supplies of ideas can be scanty but looking around a bit and punched with innovative ideas of your own self a truly great party can be organized. Let me share with you the story of such a carnival party that we ourselves organized for my Mom and I am sure you would enjoy listening to the details and may include some points in your theme party as well. My Mom is crazy about carnivals and she even went to Brasil, many eaars back, to enjoy Rio de Janeiro carnival!

So, we ahd to make sure, we knew what we were doing! We started with choosing a music and I gladly let my brother be in charge, being much more into music than I ever was. I myself have a knack for painting and thus I prepared some colorful posters and masks for the event and added them at different points of the hall. Some of the masks were worn by our guests. We had extensive usage of balloons and music instruments. Glighting added to the event! A small canopy was also placed at one corner to add to the life of the theme and we organized a small carnival game surrounding the canopy too!

Download Free Printable Carnivale Theme 60th Birthday Greeting Card for Woman!

Download Free Printable Carnivale Theme 60th Birthday Greeting Card for Man!

Light colored ribbons and streamers were used a lot and we even made a "carnival" cake to add to the spirit of the party. I am sure you must be excited too about this whole affair and planning about you own parties to have such feel, I can tell you to go ahead and see that it is really worth the effort.

Carnival party theme ideas can make up to give a lot of excitement and my Mom's birthday was a real memorable one. Food supplies, the spirit of the theme and a niche out of the way from standard parties that we keep on attending made it an even bigger success.

M. Lisa, California

60th Birthday Wordings and Toasts

Not too long ago, people started feeling really "old" on their 60th birthdays. Not anymore :-) As they say, "the sixties are the new forties," and this time in life is now considered to be a great age. People live much longer now than they did even fifty years ago (at least in most countries), and 60-year-olds today are more active, healthy, and optimistic than ever .

What used to be the "age of retirement" for many is now when the golden age begins - when they have more time to enjoy things they couldn’t before, largely due to lack of time. It is a great idea to remind them that their new life has just begun and how much they have to offer to their family and friends:

Happy 60Th Birthday Wishes for a Friend:

WOW I am so glad we reached this age without paying visits to the doctor once a week :-) Don’t you think that all we need now is a glass of beer (martini) and our old ladies (hubbies) to warm us up?

Happy birthday buddy and welcome to the club!



"Don't give years to life, but life to your years."
Lomb Kató


Warm 60Th Birthday Wishes for a Wife:

You are more beautiful than ever, and I love you more every year. As we grow older together, my love for you deepens. I am so happy that now we will have more time for each other and that we will also be able to spend more time with our children and grandchildren. If I only knew when I was younger what I know now…but it’s never too late to give you all my love and tell you that as much as I enjoyed our younger years, I enjoy our 'senior" years even more.

Loving 60Th Birthday Wishes for a Husband:

My love, I still feel as if you have been my charming boyfriend all these years. Your kindness, love and understanding helped me get through life. In fact, I love your gray hair more than I ever loved your black (blond or red) hair! The wisdom that comes with age makes me feel even safer than before.


Example of Short 60Th Birthday Quotes and Poems for SMS Messages and eCards:


Let your dreams be my wishes
and remember: never stop trying,
and never try to stop!


Happy 60th Birthday!




I wish you from my heart:
love, good friends, money and many, many more birthdays!




We wish you happiness more beautiful than the dawn,
More boundless than the sky,
Deeper than the ocean!
Live such way so that every day you say:

Today is better than yesterday!