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40th Birthday Invitation Templates - Unique Art

Farm Birthday Invitations

My grandfather was raised up in a farm in Texas.

He was a proper cowboy and lived most of his life on the farm before moving to the city after retirement, to be closer with his children and grandchildren.

But we knew that his heart was always back there in the country. That is precisely why we wanted to celebrate his 60th birthday in the old country style.

So we thought of a farm theme for the birthday and designed the whole event around that theme. We also sent farm birthday invitations to all his friends and all our relatives.

Our idea was a smash hit. Our grandfather loved it and so did the guests. We never thought that the idea would come across so well. We just felt that we were going to have some fun. But it turned out that it brought back nostalgic memories for grandpa and he really appreciated us for helping him reminisce some of the old times all over again.

Now when we think back on the efforts we had put in to make the farm theme realistic, I feel we had really done a good job without realizing it. Most of us now want to taste farm life just as grandpa had done during most of his life.

40th Birthday Party Invitation

The first taste that our guests got of the farm theme was through the farm birthday invitations that we created through this site. The site helped us to get a real good idea of how the farm theme should look and feel. But more importantly, it allowed us to customize the invitations as much as we liked.

We could choose our own pictures to make the cards look more personalized. We took the opportunity to add an old picture of grandpa’s farm on the invitation. I guess that was the most impressive aspect of the invitation.

Granddaughter, Jenny Wallace, TX

40th Birthday Party Invitation