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40th Birthday Greeting Card Templates & Wordings

On our 40Th birthday, we become aware that middle age is not something we always thought we could escape.


After fourthy you suddenly start to notice,
That you don’t want celebrate your birthdays.
And I wish you, like a child to exult,
When you meet each birthday!
On this happy day I congratulate you,
From the bottom of my heart
And I wish you love and pleasure!
Let your eyes always shine brightly,
Be happy, healthy, nice, young!

Tatyana Beljaeva


All of sudden, we realize that it’s not only other people who are getting older – it’s happening to us, too.

Ah, well, turning 40 is still better than being a parent of a 40-year-old child (that’s when you know that you are old)! In any case, age is just a number, after all, and all that counts is health and a zest for life.

You may easily personalize the wishes, quotes, and sayings below to make them suitable for your needs:

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40th Birthday Wishes for Friend

What can I tell you, my dear friend, but “Yesterday, when we were young…” Was it yesterday?

OK, maybe before yesterday! In any case, your wrinkles and grey hair (do I have any?) remind me that we have many years behind us. I certainly hope that many more are in front of you, and that beers, games, and grandchildren enrich your coming years. Growing old with you will give a special meaning to my life, and I hope you know that!



"Years come with joy if they bring happiness, and they saw their decayed burden if this is their aim. Years are roads, and you have to play along with them. "

Fekete István


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40th Birthday Sayings for Women

My dear (name), I raise this glass to your everlasting beauty. Today, I just wanted to remind you that no age can destroy your internal beauty. As both of us age, we will find new ways to discover each other. At church (synagogue, mosque), they teach us that the external doesn’t matter. So stop counting your wrinkles and live a happy life of love with me!

Zsa Zsa Gabor used to complain that when she was young, men showed no respect to her, and all they thought about was how to take her to bed. When she grew older, she concluded:

” Finally, men respect me for who I am and what I can offer as an intelligent person.”

Best Birthday Wishes and Sayings for Mom

I am sure that you know what moms need the most. Yes, you guessed it – love and appreciation.

She is probably the only person in the world who loves you unconditionally and will always be there for you. Even though we don’t need to do anything to deserve her love, it would be nice if we don’t take her for granted and return her love whenever we can – and not only on her birthday or Mother’s Day.

Take some time to think of some very special moments you shared together or of something very special that she did for you, and write about that on her birthday card. I promise that your mom will be deeply touched and will never forget your words. If you have siblings, it is good idea for all of you to sign her birthday card. Mom always likes to see her children together, her happy birthday card included.

Sample Birthday Wishes for Mother from Son

Dear mom, today on your birthday, I would like to tell you that I will never be able to express the love and appreciation that I have for you. I want you to know that I am who I am because of you. I have a special gift for you today! That gift is one of the fondest memories from my childhood with you. You may think that some moments were not important and are long forgotten, but you will be surprised how well I remember your tenderness, your “extra one-mile walks,” and your sleepless nights…I only hope that I will be able to give you back at least some portion of what you gave to me.

Happy Birthday Mom!


Note: We all have some “moments” that we are not very proud of, and I know I’ve hurt you when I’ve been inconsiderate. (It is a good idea to mention that in your birthday card to her. She has most likely already forgiven you, but still, it is nice to make those amends.)

Write here about the event that you still cherish …Your Mom would love to hear about it.

Sample Birthday Wishes for Mother from Daughter

Dear mom, I wish for you to have the most joyous birthday yet, with lots of laughter and no worries. I promise to be your good girl (I know that I promised this before), but today I am serious J Your love, understanding, and support help get me through many rough times, and your happiness about my success gives me a chance to share the beauty of my life with you. Nobody embraces my happiness like you do. It feels so good to have you as my mom!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Note: Your Mom would love it if you wrote her birthday card by hand and if you included some personal note in the form of a memory – some beautiful moment that you shared with your Mom.

Birthday Greetings and Wishes for Father

When I notice people looking for happy birthday greetings for "Dad," I feel happy for them, because they have a Father who is actually a "Dad" – not "just" a Father.

I prepared some samples here of happy birthday wishes for your Dad. You can customize them to accommodate your needs. Fathers usually don’t express their feelings very openly, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have them! In fact, quite the opposite is true. You can make your Dad smile, laugh, or even shed a tear of joy with your warm, loving wishes for his birthday.

Free Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter

Sample Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter who is a Little Girl


The mother or a sibling should help a little girl write a personalized birthday card to her father. Simply ask her what she likes the most about him. Kids are great when it comes to expressing their feelings and thoughts. They are honest, open, innocent, and genuine, and that is why their words often touch us the most.




Daddy, I can not imagine a better father than you! It is so wonderful to have you as a father! You always buy me an ice cream even when I know you shouldn’t because dinner time is coming soon. You always bring me my favorite teddy bear to bed when I forget him in the living room, and you always protect me when I am scared of bugs.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Free Birthday Greetings for Father from Son

Sample Birthday Wishes for Father from Son who is a Little Boy


With the help of a mom or relative, a little boy can “dictate” beautiful greetings for his father. Again, ask him what he likes the most about his father. Sometimes you will be surprised by what comes out of his little heart.




Daddy, I love you because you are so strong and you can even carry mom sometimes. I want to be like you when I grow up. I want to go fishing (mention any activity) with you forever, even when I am very old like you are now. Thank you for helping me pick up my toys when mom gets angry with me and for eating my leftovers since mom doesn’t like throwing out food. You are the best Dad in the world!

Happy Birthday Dad!