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30th Birthday Invitation Templates - Unique Art

Tea Party Theme Invitation

Tea parties! That sounds so good, doesn't it? It is all about tea etiquette, and fine china, and tiny little cookies, every one different from the other, perfect to just melt in your mouth.

If you want to have a party like no one else, or to organize one for your little girl, then we believe that these tea party theme ideas are just perfect for you.

Supplies are the main part of a tea party. Be sure to have all that you need before you send out the invitations.

Those that have a special things for tea parties, will have a lot of tea related things, like teapots, and exquisite china, and porcelain cups.

If you are not among them, but you still want to throw such a theme party, you can borrow some tea sets from someone or buy them from the stores.

Such parties are not for the ‘madding crowd’. Serving tea is just an occasion for having quiet, classy conversation and practicing an etiquette that lasts from older times. The atmosphere is of the most importance, so do not neglect even the tiniest details.

30th Birthday Party Invitation

For instance, if you serve lemon for tea, always use slices, and not wedges. It is not adequate to let your guests grab the lemon slices with their hands, so provide a fork for that. Of course, we should not forget the most important element: the tea! Be sure that you know how to prepare a good and nourishing pot of tea. Here are a few hints on that:

For instance, keep in mind that larger leaves of tea take more time to brew than little ones, and do not forget to stir the tea once before you proceed to pouring. For tea theme parties, remember to be up to date with all the etiquette. Some of your guests may be into this more than you, so you do not want to make a bad impression. Use these tea party theme ideas for a family gathering or for hooking up with your friends. We hope that we helped you and that you will extend your knowledge on tea parties even more.

30th Birthday Party Invitation