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30th Birthday Greeting Card Templates & Wording

I didn’t think anything of turning 30, but I had friends who thought life was over once they turned 29 :-)

It’s nice to have that magic number "2" to use as the first digit of your age, but what the heck, 30 is not bad at all, and don’t let 40 hit you before you realize that!

At 30, people usually start thinking like grown-ups (at least girls do :-), and you may start to remind yourself of your parents, which is not that bad in the end...

In any case, you are still young, and life is just starting.

If you have kids, they keep you busy; your wrinkles are still in hiding; your health is good and your back doesn’t hurt yet...and before you know it, you will be 40, so enjoy your 30s as much as you can and don’t worry about 40 – it’s still a long way off!

Collect some memories and good times that you had together to personalize your card so that your 30th Happy Birthday Wishes will bring a genuine smile to your loved one’s face.

Happy 30th Happy Birthday Verses:


" For a noble, beautiful life you don't need great deeds. Only a pure heart and lots of love.”

Pazmany Peter



“Be fire and ice
on the window of time
freeze on it while you shine
with the ice flowers of your years.”

Keszei István



Think of good family times, school times (if you went to school together) or funny moments at the workplace – anything that bonds you and makes your relationship special. We all like to be reminded of those close, bonding moments – because we so often forget them.

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30th Happy Birthday Wishes - Friend

On your birthday, I wish you were forever 29, but I wish I were, too! Sorry, it doesn’t work that way, my dear!

Remember when we were 18 and one night after the football game, Mary came to us in tears, saying, ”I think I am in love!” We just looked at her and almost burst into laughter right in front of her! Why would someone in love cry her eyes out? We waited impatiently for her explanation, and finally she said, “But he is old!” “How old?” we snapped. “He’s THIRTY!” she sobbed! We agreed with Mary and tried our best to comfort her. What can you do, love is love!

On your birthday, I wish for you to remember that incident today and reflect back on it fondly. After all, age is just a state of mind!

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30th Happy Birthday Wishes - Sister

My little baby sister, no matter how old you are, you will always be my baby sis, and you must know that! I will always keep the best piece of your favorite (list her favorite meal here) for you at the table.
I will always tell Mom and Dad not to worry about you while I am around, and I will always be on your side, just like that time when you ate all the jam from the jar that was meant for Sunday’s pancakes. I told them I had eaten it so you could go unpunished and attend your ballet recital.

Today you are turning 30, but so what? I remember vividly when you were born, so it must have been yesterday!