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20th Birthday Invitation Templates

Lady Bug Party Theme Invitation

Lady Bug parties are meant for small children, both boys and girls, but generally girls prefer such a party better.

If you have a little girl who likes lady bugs, organizing a lady bug birthday party would be something she would surely enjoy. There are also a lot of grownups who adore lady bugs!

For such a party there are special balloons, outfits, and even cakes that you can buy which fit with the theme.

The Ladybugs party accessories are exclusively available on our online discount Ladybugs party supply store.

The Ladybugs Deluxe Pack includes eight dinner plates, cups, spoons, knives, activity mats, sixteen napkins, solid-color tablecloth, multicolored balloons, curling ribbon in two brilliant colors, confetti, candles for the cake, eight cupcake picks in addition to thanks cards.

20th Birthday Party  Invitation

Among the most popular lady bug party supplies are multicolored ribbons of twenty to thirty inches sizes, are pulled by each kid to let loose the treasures within. End up as three lbs of candy. This is an extra-large item and costs more when purchased from any other store besides our discount online lady bug party supply store.

Solid Crepe Streamers are available in three rolls of 81 ft. each. And the colors of these streamer decorations are in line with the lady bug party theme. Solid Latex Balloons are 18/pkg and each pack contains six balloons in bright red, purple, and canary yellow colors.

Ladybugs Prismatic Sticker Keepers are good for loot bags as well as serve as a fun activity for little kids. Happy Ladybug Metallic Balloons are large shape 30 inch balloons that are perfect decorations for a grown-up’s lady bug theme party. 18" Ladybug Birthday Metallic Balloons fill the gaps and also stimulate the colors of the surroundings. Lady bug party decorations are obviously incomplete without Lady Bug pinatas.

These piñatas let you discover the excitement of uncapping a piñata and watching your riches flow down! A detachable sticker marks the concealed spot where chocolate should be popped in. Piñata fillers and piñatas that are pulled with a string are sold separately. Let’s set the next party theme, a Ladybugs party and put your shopping bag on your shoulder and shop from our online party supply store for discount party supplies.

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