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Free Printables for 1st Birthday Party Different Themes

To me, planning a 1st Birthday Party might be difficult.

This is because for this type of party you are not really going to be catering to many children.

In fact, there is a good chance that your child will be one of only a couple there. A 1st Birthday Party is mainly for adults.

As a result you are going to need to take a different direction when it comes to the planning. Let's take a little look, shall we?

This is going to be a VERY adult-oriented party (obviously you do not want to allow drinking). You are going to want to select the food based on this.

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Therefore you may want to go down the route of sandwiches, chips and various other savoury snacks. If your child is up for eating jello (most children should be fine with eating that at the age of one) then that should be your dessert. If you feel comfortable letting them eat cake then that is going to be fine too!

Of course, regardless of the fact that the adults are going to be having 'all of the fun' this is still your child's special day. You need to make things about them....even if they do not know what is actually going on. This of course means signs hanging up galore.

Decorate the room in bright colors. Make it seem like a birthday party for somebody else. I have seen some absolutely wonderful rooms decorated for 1st birthdays. Take a look online for a few of these ideas.

Most of the best ones tend to incorporate gorgeous displays which depict the early stages of a child's life. One stunning display actually had a photograph from every single day of the child's life so far. Obviously if you have not done this already then you are probably a little bit too late. I am sure a couple of photographs up there would not go amiss though.

If you can, try and get the child to blow out the candles on their cake. It does create a fantastic moment. You will actually be surprised at just how many children at this age will be able to manage it! If they can't do it then blow it out for them. You will still see the pleasure of a smile lighting up their face when everybody starts to sing 'Happy Birthday' to them.

Don't forget, this is your child's first birthday. You are going to want to try and record absolutely every single moment of that day. This means whipping out a video camera.

Trust me, if you do not do this then you will instantly regret it. This is something that is never going to happen again in their lives. It is this day that both you and your child will want to look back on for many years to come. Please try to capture everything. In fact, try and get multiple people to take their camera so you can see from different points of view.